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Fat Burning Furnace: How To Lose Weight And Keep It Off!

June 22, 2010 by Coach Ronda in Weight Loss with 0 Comments

Are you interested in finding out how to lose weight and keep the weight off? What if I told you there’s a new hot program that will help you transform into the body you’ve always wanted. Now, there is a solution. It’s called Fat Burning Furnace and this article will provide some useful information about this product.

If you are like most, when you purchase guides or really anything online you may be skeptical. After all, it’s your hard earned money and you want the best product out there. The truth is, Fat Burning Furnace is not a scam. The product has a no questions asked 60-day money back guarantee.

Fat Burning Furnace approaches workouts in a new refreshing manner compared to other fad weight loss programs. Rob Poulos who is the author suggests that instead of going to the gym and running on a treadmill for a 30 minute cardio workout, you should use short but intense workouts that build tough tissue and keep your metabolism high. He explains how working out on a treadmill is actually one the worst possible places to keep your heart rate up, and can damage your knees due to the pressure. Just like how jogging will make you sweat and feel good, it can also be harmful to your legs.

The goal of the Fat Burning Furnace diet plan is that you attack your body in multiple ways.  Here are brief tips that Rob Poulos gives in his program.

  • Eat healthier and consume less fat.
  • Use short intense workouts to build tough muscle and boost metabolism.
  • Avoid using harmful workout machinery such as treadmills.
  • Increased metabolism helps you burn fat.

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The Debate Isn’t Over About The Ab Circle Pro

June 8, 2010 by Coach Ronda in Fitness with 0 Comments

Still being debated is the infomercial about the Ab Circle Pro. This ab machine is not well liked by personal trainers and fitness experts. They seem to think that the workout you get from this machine falls short and it is not made sturdy enough for long term use. Other concerns are possible risk of injury and back problems down the road.

The Ab Circle Pro reviews found this machine very unique because you can work your abdominal area without having to get on the floor therefore there is no strain to the muscle in the back or neck. Don’t take this unique feature lightly, as many studies have been done that prove doing traditional sit ups or crunches using the floor will eventually cause long term pain to the back.

Another feature that is unique to this ab machine is being able to get a cardio workout combined with flattening and toning the entire abdominal area while providing toning to major muscle groups as well.

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You can’t seem to not notice all the Ab Circle Pro reviews. You can find them on most sites that offer exercise equipment or any type of physical fitness, giving their expert opinions while offering many testimonials and customer feedback. It then becomes up to you to decide what the facts are and what are just false negative comments.

The idea behind Ab Circle Pro reviews is to get fair balanced, objective, unbiased opinions by experts and customers that have tried the ab machine. The reviews are definitely out there for your viewing. ( Take a look at our Ab Circle Pro Review and our reader comments and ratings.) Communities like eBay and Amazon are good sources to find some reviews as well as certain related forums. You may also want to try Technorati and Google blog search. You will discover some opinions and testimonials that will be quite useful in making your decision to try this ab machine.

Learn more about Ab Circle Reviews. Stop by Justin Blayne’s site where you can find out all about Ab Circle Pro and what it can do for you.

Six Steps To Flat Sexy Abs

May 25, 2010 by Coach Ronda in Fitness with 0 Comments

Everyone wants flat, sexy abs. Muffin tops, love handles and the like are just not attractive. And those who like to wear low-cut jeans with the stomach fat overlay… JUST STOP!

Sexy abs, however, are easier said than done. But, with just the right diet and exercise you will be well on your way to achieving a chiseled midsection that will finally make the belly ring well worth the wait.

The How…

First things first…Lose the ab roller, ab lounge or other gimmicky product collecting dust in your closet.  Don’t feel bad or embarrassed.  We’ve all fallen for the promises of miracle transformations in the late-night infomercials.  Heck, anything sounds good in the wee hours of the night.  So good that I still have an ab contraption I’ve never even taken out of the box!

Second, no six pack abs workout plan will work unless you eat right.  I’m not talking about a fad diet or special menu plan.  Rather, something way more complicated.  You’ve got to considerably reduce the fast foods, processed foods and plain ‘ole junk foods.  With today’s gotta have it quick and gotta have it now environment, this will probably be the hardest task of all in your quest for six pack abs.  But rest assured, it’s well worth it and will be much more fulfilling and satisfying than the “drive thru” delights you may be used to.

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The What…

As a general rule, you should eat smaller, more frequent, nutritionally balanced meals.  Eat five to six small meals per day (eat a complete meal every 3-4 hours) in order to have the food convert to muscle rather than fat. Limit flour products like bread and pasta and replace them with complex carbs like brown rice and oatmeal. You also want to cut back on fatty foods and eat lots of high quality (preferably organic) protein like skinless chicken, lean beef and baked or broiled fish.

Next, you’ve got to commit to a full body exercise regimen that helps burn fat.  We are not talking boring treadmill or other cardio-based workouts here.  You want to focus more on strength training exercises such as lunges, squats, dead-lifts, step-ups, swings and snatches. These types of exercises work every muscle in your body and burn the fat at a higher rate than cardio alone.

Finally, there are some abs and core exercises you can perform to develop the abs muscles.  These are not just your typical crunches.  Here, you want to work your abs from a variety of different angles in five to ten minute sessions, two to three times a week.  Some effective exercises include hanging leg raises, reverse crunches, abs bicycles, plank holds and stability ball crunches.

The Result…

EVERYONE has abs, it’s just that most people have a layer of fat over them. If you want to see them, you need to LOSE the fat!

If you follow these basic guidelines you will be well on your way to unleashing your sexy, six pack abs and proudly displaying them some time soon!

4 All Too Common Mistakes Of Arm Exercises For Women

May 11, 2010 by Coach Ronda in Strength Training with 0 Comments

When it comes to arm exercises for women, it’s the small things that count. How so? The smallest errors in posture and technique can add up, and over time, slow down your progress substantially.

Most women aren’t even aware that they’re making any errors. It’s hard enough to show up and exercise, let alone perfect every exercise your doing.

Well, I don’t recommend getting too anal here. However, avoiding the most common mistakes will give you the biggest bang for your buck while not making your arm workouts a mechanistic nightmare.

So here is the important list of what NOT to do when doing arm exercises for women:

1. Heave hoeing the weight up. This is most common with barbell curls and all its variations. The problem? It places a lot of stress on your lower back and takes stress off of your biceps. Not a good thing if you want fast arm toning.

2. Letting the shoulders come up. Most common with press downs for the triceps, although some women also do this when performing curls. What’s the big deal? When you elevate the shoulders, you work your trapezius (neck) muscles, not your arm muscles. And do you really want a big neck?

3. Allowing the elbows to shift around. Probably the most common error, letting the elbows shift takes all the stress of your arms-not a good thing if you want rapid arm toning. It can also lead to some shoulder impingement issues in the long run. So keep your elbows locked in place!

4. Not using the heels for support. The most stable anatomical position is with the heels firmly digging into the ground. If you frequently place your weight on the balls of your feet, please stop! You will be able to lift heavier weights and prevent injury by using your heels.

Avoiding the above errors when doing arm exercises will make you better off than most women. Don’t worry about having perfect technique, this will make your arm workouts a nightmare. Instead, do your best to avoid the major errors and keep the flow going.

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Losing Weight With Diet Meal Plans

April 27, 2010 by Coach Ronda in Nutrition with 0 Comments

If you are looking to lose some weight, then you might want to look for diet meal plans. Why a diet? Well if you are familiar with the Pareto principle, then you would know that 80% of your results comes from 20% of you input. In the case of losing weight, we all know that exercise and diet are the 2 main elements.

If you apply Pareto principle, the main bulk of your ability to shed those pounds is based on your diet. Exercise helps but can be easily undone by improper eating. So what can you do if you are binging on food and just can’t seem to control yourself? Simple, you got to have prepared diet meal plans.

Now, I’m not saying you should go out and eat vegetables only. Nor should you try to torture yourself this way (unless you are a vegetarian or enjoy eating this way). What I’m saying is that your diet meal plans should have the proper amounts of calories and nutrients. For 7-day diet meal plans, the key element is that it should cycle your calorie intake. This is because eating too little calories for several days will actually cause the body to starve. It will then create a response in the body to store the fats instead.

On the flip side, eating healthy but calories-rich food will not help you to lose weight. You’ll be maintaining your weight at the most. Next up, your diet meal plans should have a decent ratio of protein and fats.

The ratio of carbohydrates should be lower though, as that is what turns causes your body to release insulin and covert what you eat into fats more easily. Protein tends to promote weight loss if taken enough. Be careful not to overdose on the ratio though as it may cause stress on the kidneys.

So there you go, some reasons why you should place emphasis on your diet when losing weight and some quick tips that can serve as a guideline for natural and healthy weight loss.

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