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Quick Abs – Diet Plus Exercise

May 18, 2009 by Coach Ronda in Fitness with 0 Comments

interval_trainingGreat abs can be had quickly by watching what you eat and what you do. Instead of falling for the latest fad diet and the latest wonder machine, just control food intake and engage in daily physical activity. Striking a balance between these 2 factors will give you great abs very quickly.

Food choices and workouts are the best way to get quick abs. The combination of limiting fat intake and burning off excess body fat ensures that our body will not be saddled with anymore fat than it needs. Combine that with workouts to jumpstart our metabolism and in no time, great-looking abs will be revealed.

The food we choose to consume contributes to the quality of fuel our body burns. Eating lean proteins, complex carbohydrates and fibrous foods allow our body to burn energy more efficiently, whereas, sugary, fatty foods overload our systems. As a result, not all the calories are burnt off and now remain in our body as fat.

Choosing to eat small, frequent meals is a great way to limit our caloric intake with the additional benefit of keeping us energized throughout the day. Because our system isn’t overloaded with calories in just a single meal, there are more chances for it to completely burn off what was consumed, leaving less chances for fat accumulation and storage.

Daily physical activity is key to speed up your metabolism. Maintaining such activity forces the body to burn more calories than usual and doing this regularly will make the body efficient at burning fat.

Exercises that focus on multi-joint exercises such as squats, lunges, split squats, push ups, chin ups and dead lifts are great at burning more calories compared to single joint exercises like bicep curls and knee extensions.

Exercising with greater intensity with weights and interval training forces the body to really exert and function with lower oxygen present in the muscles. When this occurs, the body is forced to replenish the muscles with oxygen after the activity. It continues to repair and remove waste from the muscles, even after the activity is done. As a result, the body ends up burning fat all day and night.

Therefore, a balance of healthy food choices and smart workouts really do combine to the loss of body fat resulting in getting quick, great-looking abs.

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