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The Debate Isn’t Over About The Ab Circle Pro

June 8, 2010 by Coach Ronda in Fitness with 0 Comments

Still being debated is the infomercial about the Ab Circle Pro. This ab machine is not well liked by personal trainers and fitness experts. They seem to think that the workout you get from this machine falls short and it is not made sturdy enough for long term use. Other concerns are possible risk of injury and back problems down the road.

The Ab Circle Pro reviews found this machine very unique because you can work your abdominal area without having to get on the floor therefore there is no strain to the muscle in the back or neck. Don’t take this unique feature lightly, as many studies have been done that prove doing traditional sit ups or crunches using the floor will eventually cause long term pain to the back.

Another feature that is unique to this ab machine is being able to get a cardio workout combined with flattening and toning the entire abdominal area while providing toning to major muscle groups as well.

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You can’t seem to not notice all the Ab Circle Pro reviews. You can find them on most sites that offer exercise equipment or any type of physical fitness, giving their expert opinions while offering many testimonials and customer feedback. It then becomes up to you to decide what the facts are and what are just false negative comments.

The idea behind Ab Circle Pro reviews is to get fair balanced, objective, unbiased opinions by experts and customers that have tried the ab machine. The reviews are definitely out there for your viewing. ( Take a look at our Ab Circle Pro Review and our reader comments and ratings.) Communities like eBay and Amazon are good sources to find some reviews as well as certain related forums. You may also want to try Technorati and Google blog search. You will discover some opinions and testimonials that will be quite useful in making your decision to try this ab machine.

Learn more about Ab Circle Reviews. Stop by Justin Blayne’s site where you can find out all about Ab Circle Pro and what it can do for you.

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