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Get Fit By Joining the National President’s Challenge

March 31, 2008 by Coach Ronda in Featured News with 0 Comments

Get FitFor the first time, the National President’s Challenge is expanding from elementary students to people across the country to be active for at least a half-hour (an hour for youths under 18), five days a week, for at least six out of eight weeks, between March 20, 2008, and May 15, 2008.

So here’s how it works. First, you can go online at and sign up to participate. You can sign up as an individual, or as a group. The deadline, by the way, for signing up is April 3rd.

Second, decide how you’re going to meet your physical fitness goal. In other words, you set a goal, and then you pick the exercise or activity. And there’s about a hundred different activities to choose from, ranging from gardening to skydiving.

Third, start exercising. Activity goals are based on age. For kids ages 6 to 17, the activity goal is 60 minutes a day. For adults age 18 and older, 30 minutes a day is all it takes. The activity is up to you.

Fourth, keep track of your activities. There’s an activity log on the website that will help make it easier to track whether or not you’re accumulating enough points to get an award. Individuals who meet their fitness goals can receive certificates and medals. Schools that meet their goals will be honored.

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