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Pediatric Sports Injuries On The Rise

March 9, 2008 by Coach Ronda in Featured News with 0 Comments

ACLAccording to a recent article in the San Francisco Chronicle there has been an explosive increase in sports injuries in children that once were associated mostly with pro athletes. “The trend is a result of youth sports becoming increasingly competitive as children and teenagers face growing pressure to perform their best and win college scholarships or even a professional gig.”

Girls tend to be more prone to knee injuries. Tears of the anterior cruciate ligament, or ACL, which stabilizes the knee, can be career ending. This type of injury is more likely to occur in soccer, basketball and gymnastics.

So how do we minimize risk of injury? The article offers the following tips:

  • Limit playing time, especially in sports that require repetitive motion.
  • Cross-train.
  • Build muscle. This is particularly important for girls to make sure their muscles are equally built so they don’t put too much strain on their joints.
  • Learn proper technique.
  • Rest. After an injury, allow the body time to heal.

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