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Protein Needs For Athletes

March 30, 2009 by Coach Ronda in Athlete Nutrition with 0 Comments

proteinsProtein is essential for athletes because it promotes new muscle growth and tissue repair.  The recommended protein intake is 1.2 to 1.7g/kg body weight each day. 

In general, the lower end of the range should cover the needs of most endurance/aerobic athletes.  The upper end of the range is more appropriate for those involved in strength and power sports.

You can eat protein for many different foods.  For example, milk, cheese, yogurt, meat, fish, poultry, eggs and soy products are good sources of protein.

Below is the protein content for various foods.

Dairy Products
Red Meat (4 oz) 32 Milk (1/2 pint) 10
Chicken (6 oz) 38 Cottage Cheese (4 oz) 15
White Fish (6 oz) 30 Cheddar Cheese (2 oz) 14
Oily Fish (6 oz) 30 Yogurt (6 oz) 8
Sausages (2 med) 15 Eggs (2 med) 14
Ground Beef (4 oz) 25
Canned Tuna (4 oz) 25 Legumes & Nuts
Kidney Beans (8 oz boiled) 15
Grains Baked Beans (1/2 large tin) 10
Bread (2 slices) 6 Lentils (8 oz) 15
Pasta (6 oz) 5 Nuts (2 oz) 13
Rice (6 oz boiled) 4

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