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What Are The Benefits of Bananas?

May 25, 2009 by Coach Ronda in Nutrition with 0 Comments

bananasTo put it quite simply, bananas, like any fruit, are good for you. Fruits and vegetables should play a daily part of your everyday healthy eating routine as a whole as they are a good source of vitamins, minerals and a load of other good stuff that can help keep you fit and healthy.

Bananas, however, stand head and shoulders above many other fruits when it comes to nutritional value. The benefits of eating a banana when you need a snack are therefore varied. So what kind of benefits will a banana give you?

#1 Vitamins and minerals — bananas are a good source of vitamins A, B and C as well as potassium and magnesium.

#2 Fiber — bananas are also rich in fiber and as such can help boost your overall general health. They are also easily digested which can help if you are trying to start eating again after a stomach upset or if you have ulcer problems.

#3 Health benefits — bananas are incredibly high in potassium content which is held to help with problems with blood pressure and heart disease, for example. Potassium can also help alleviate the symptoms of exercise such as muscle spasms and cramps which is one reason why many athletes choose this fruit as a snack before or after training.

#4 Calcium — the calcium content in bananas can help to increase the chances of healthy bone growth which makes them a good choice for children which is useful given how popular they are as a fruit with most kids. #5 Sodium content — bananas have a relatively low sodium content so cannot cause any problems here.

#6 Sugar/energy — bananas are packed full of natural sugars and energy which is another one of the reasons why they are so popular as a snack with professional athletes. A quick snack of a banana can give you an immediate sugar rush/energy boost that is healthy. Then as the banana is absorbed by your body you will be given a slow release of energy over a consistent period of time.

#7 Diet benefits — bananas are quite filling and, if taken with a small glass of water, can actually leave you feeling quite full for a relatively long period of time making them the ideal diet snack. The slow release of energy here can also help you avoid having sugar cravings into the bargain.

Some people prefer to eat their bananas when they are quite ripe as this is supposed to be the point when a banana gives the best health benefits however this fruit will always be a good option for you.

Some people also think that bananas can have specific positive effects on your mental health as well as the physical benefits already discussed here. These claims are based on the fact that bananas are also a source of substances such as serotonin. These substances can help reduce the symptoms of depression and can simply make you feel better.

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