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Episode 1 – A New Beginning In The NBA

January 23, 2012 by Coach Ronda in Podcasts with 0 Comments

The Intenz Sports Talk Show is hosted by Dhane and Ronda, a guy and a girl who love most anything related to basketball. The first show focuses on the start of the NBA 2011-2012 season, following a several month long lockout which will result in a 66-game regular season.

Now you should know that we are both Laker Fans, but this is not solely a Laker show.

In this first epidsode, we discuss:

  • Finals predictions.
  • The beginning season trades.
  • The new look of the Lakers.
  • David Stern’s handling of the CP3 trade.
  • The release of the ’96 Concord Jordans.

Enjoy and feel free to leave us your feedback below.


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