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Build Your Bicep Muscles With Three Powerful Bicep Exercises

April 13, 2010 by Coach Ronda in Strength Training with 0 Comments

In this article you are going to learn some key workouts to build your bicep muscles. Ripped bicep muscles are a great addition for summer tanks and bathing suits. And, they’re not to bad for that sleeveless evening gown you can’t wait to wear.  So without further ado, let’s get started…

1.  Standing Barbell Curl

The standing barbell curl is the biggest bicep muscle builder out there. Nothing can overload the biceps so precisely with such weight more than the standing barbell curl. And lifting heavy should always be your goal when trying to build muscle. Load the bar with a weight that will cause you to fail at 10 reps. Hold the weights with an underhand grip at shoulder width apart. Pick it up and slightly bend your knees. Now using only your biceps, curl the weight until it is beneath your chin. Hold the contraction and then return slowly to starting position. Perform 3 sets of these. Make sure to train hard and push yourself to failure.

2.  Dumbbell Curl

The dumbbell curl is the next exercise you will use to build your bicep muscles. This move is an excellent bicep muscle builder mainly because of its range of motion. Make sure to keep form throughout the movement. Doing so insures that maximum pressure is placed on your biceps.

Stand straight with your knees slightly bent and your arms stretched all the way down by your hips. Have an underhand grip on the dumbbells, meaning your palms should be facing forward.  (Powerblock dumbbells are great for at home use.)  Now curl one dumbbell with your elbows locked to your sides. Keep curling to reach full lock. Squeeze your biceps for a second then reverse motion slowly until you reach full extension. Just before you do, curl the other arm and perform the same motion. Make sure to work hard and always push yourself to the limit.

3.  Preacher Curl

The last exercise you need to develop your bicep muscles is the dumbbell one handed preacher curl. This bicep exercise is a solid bicep routine finisher. Why? Because a good bicep routine needs a solid move that works on definition. Not only do you want to build the bicep, but you also want definition in it.

Hold a dumbbell in one hand; you want a weight that is not too heavy but at the same time not to light. You want to at least get in 10 solid reps. Place the arm holding the dumbbell on the preacher bench or over a balance ball. Now curl the weights and really squeeze your biceps. Next, slowly lower to starting position and repeat. Keep repeating and performing reps till you reach failure.

These three exercises will help you build and define your biceps. Always remember to work hard and push yourself to failure.

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