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4 Metabolism-Boosting Tips That Will Melt Arm Fat Away

June 15, 2009 by Coach Ronda in Weight Loss with 0 Comments

Generally speaking, your metabolism is the amount of calories your body burns every day for basic biological functions. Increasing it is a great way to accelerate arm fat burning.

And it’s important to note that you are never stuck with a slow or fast metabolism. In reality, your metabolism is mostly under your control. So no excuses!

Are you ready to take control of your metabolism? Here are 4 tips for taking your metabolism to new heights:

1. Exercise in the morning. If you exercise in the morning, your body will burn an extra amount of calories throughout the rest of the day-even while you sit at your desk. As an added bonus, the food you eat after your workout will most likely go to your active tissues instead of your arm fat tissues.

2. Exercise hard and fast. You exercise hard and fast by sweating and panting and keeping your workout under 45 minutes. You can get by with a 30 minute workout if you go hard enough. Do this and your body will go into EPOC (exercise post oxygen consumption). A state in which you burn calories up to 36 hours after exercising.

3. Drink small amounts of water in between meals. Your body becomes dehydrated in between meals because it uses stored water for digestion. You have to prevent this by drinking small amounts of water when you are NOT eating because dehydration slows your metabolism down.

4. Cut calories by very small amounts. No exceptions here. Once your caloric intake is below 80% of your needs, your metabolism will come to a screeching halt. Your body will produce fat friendly enzymes and your thyroid will decrease its output.

So if you think getting on a 1000-calorie diet is going to speed up fat loss, think again. This is very unhealthy and provides little benefit if at all.

It’s absolutely critical that you act on this information now, not later. If you do, the arm fat will start to disappear and you’ll finally be able to wear all those summer dresses collecting dust in the back of your closet.

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